Reinforcement Stitching

9:13 PM

Reinforcement Stitching: Smaller length stitching that make a seam stronger (12-14) stitches per inch). Reinforcement stitching is used in places like crotches and corners.

Reinforcement Stitching: A second row of stitching to make a seam stronger. This type of reinforcement stitching is used in places like armholes.

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  1. is reinforcement stiching generally done beside or on top of the basic stitch? In this particular case, I'll be using it for small lavender pillows

  2. Please could you help me on this : what do you call special reinforcement stitching for the corners of a jeans pockets ( 2 words each 3-4 letters ) Thank you ever so much in advance .

  3. Help please - we are having quality issues with side slits in knit tunics - the stitches are unravelling after one wear - the slit ends on the hip which is a stress area. We have done a 2nd row of stitching (smaller stitches) about 1" from the slit up and it doesn't solve the problem. What else could we do?


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