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Zipper: most people know what this is... a fastener of a strip of teeth that connect with each other.

Here are the different types:

Regular zipper: Plastic or metal. Base has a metal stopper to keep the zipper from completely separating. Used in skirts, dresses, pants and some shirts. Different methods of putting this into a garment are 1. center zipper 2. lapped zipper 3. fly or mock fly zipper

 Front Side of Invisible Zipper

 Back Side of Invisible Zipper

Invisible zipper: Plastic. Usually teeth set behind so they are hidden when sewn into a garment. Usually need a specific presser foot for this. Used in skirts, dresses and some pants.

Separating zipper: Plastic or metal. One way or two way. Stopper at bottom of zipper makes it possible to disconnect tab and teeth completely. A two way zipper has two tabs. Used in jackets and shirts.

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