For Beginners

So you want to learn to sew?

Let's get you started. First you need supplies, AKA a starter sewing kit.

Now you have your tools, and a machine. Grab some scrap fabric and practice a bit!

Check these items off your list, then starting your first project will be much simpler!

1. Practice threading your machine correctly. Follow the manual
2. Sew a straight line. You can mark the line with a Chalk Marker if you'd like.
3. Sew a curved line. Use a chalk marker here too!
4. Practice different with your machine! (Zig Zag, Serpentine, Buttonhole)
5. Practice sewing more lines and Back Stitch on each end of the line.
6. Sew two pieces of fabric together at 5/8" from one edge (also called sewing a seam).
7. Practice sewing a French Seam.
8. Practice sewing a hem.
9. Practice sewing a Buttonhole.

You can start a simple project now! Here are some project ideas: a purse, a kite, a bag, a pillow, a pillowcase, a Robin Hood hat, a chef's apron, or a curtain valance.

As you practice and gain more experience, you can branch out at begin to sew clothing and other crafts and quilts!

Here are some posts that may help you as you learn:

     Marking Methods


     Rules of Thumb

and of course, this blog is set up with a dictionary (to the right), so that if there is a term you don't understand, you can find the definition and more information about it!

 Also here is a document I made a long time ago with some of the same information and some different. Some of it further explains concepts I have yet to personally photograph and post on this blog.

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