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Interfacing: A type of fabric used to stabilize. Interfacing is used in collars, button plackets, waistbands, facings, and necklines to add stability and body to an article of clothing.

There are many different types of interfacing:

Fusible interfacing- interfacing that has a glue applied to one side and is ironed onto fabric (pictured above)

Sew-in interfacing

Woven interfacing

Non-woven interfacing

Weft insertion interfacing

Knit interfacing- a very lightweight and semi stretchy interfacing. Perfect for use with lawn, batiste and jersey knits.

Hair canvas- heavy weight woven interfacing often made with horse hair. Used in wool suits, skirts and trousers.

With so many interfacing options, it can be hard to choose which interfacing will be best for your project. The main key is to match the weight and type with the fabric you are using. If you are sewing a dress shirt with medium weight fabric, a lightweight woven interfacing will be your best option. If you are sewing with double knit fabric, use weft insertion interfacing. If you are sewing a wool suit, you would use hair canvas.

I find that weft insertion interfacing is what I use most often when sewing children's clothes made from taffeta or quilt type fabric. Sometimes woven interfacing can be too stiff. Weft insertion matches the weight perfectly.

**NEVER use non woven interfacing when sewing clothing!



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Selvage: The tightly woven or bound edge of the fabric. The selvage runs along the entire length of a piece of fabric on two edges.



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Button: a type of fastener used to close an openining in a piece of clothing. There are two types of buttons- Regular and Shank.

Regular Buttons have holes (usually 2 or 4). 

 Shank Buttons are smooth on the surface and the hole is attached to the back.

To see a diagram of how to sew on a button, click here.


How to Fix a Gap in Pants

8:40 AM

Here is a printable/handout that tells you how to fix the open gap in the back of your pants. This works especially well for jeans and is for those of us who can't stand belts. ;)

Download printable version here.

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Needle board

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Needle board: a pressing tool used when working with pile fabrics. Pile fabrics have some loft or a nap- like velvet, velveteen or corduroy.


How to Sew on a Button

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Here is an easy printable/handout to help you when learning to sew a button on your clothes.

Download printable version here.

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