Your trip to the fabric store

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Have a project in mind? Let's go shopping!

To go to the store well prepared, take measurements of who you are sewing for. Of course, you'll have something in mind that will give you direction at the store.

When you get to the store, start by finding a pattern:

Next, find the size you need. FYI, women's sizes on patterns are not the same sizes of clothes you buy. Pattern sizes are bigger.

Nerdy Information: In the 50s, sizes on patterns and ready-made clothing matched! As time passed, companies found they sold more ready-made clothing if they put a smaller size on their pieces. This practice has continued over the past 60 years to the point where a size 6 in women's clothing is really a size 12 from the old days! Patterns have just kept the original measurements and sizes. :)

 Check the measurements on the pattern flap.

Now you can read the back of the pattern for a list of your supplies.

Start by looking for fabric. Follow the chart- ie: if you are making something in size 12, you will need at least 2 7/8 yards of fabric. The pattern gives suggestions of which fabrics will work well with the dress.

Now how much fabric? Follow the chart- ie: If you are making size 12 of this dress and the fabric you've chosen is 45" wide, you'll need 2 7/8 yards of fabric. If the fabric you've chosen is 60" wide, you will only need 2 1/8 yards of fabric. Just a note- I ALWAYS buy 1/8 yard more than needed. Hey, sometimes you mess up! ;)

Any supplies needed? Look at the notions list on the pattern. Here it says you'll need a 14" Zipper and Hooks & Eyes.
Patterns only list basic notions. You will also need to find matching thread, and interfacing as well as any extra trims you would like. For a dress like the pattern posted, I would use a knit interfacing. If you don't have needles that match your fabric type, buy needles too.

Good luck! Have fun!
Favorite places to buy patterns and fabric/notions:
  • Joann- patterns, fabric and notions
  • Hancock Fabrics- patterns, fabric and notions
  • local fabric shops- fabric and notions
  • fabric and notions
  • fabric
  • patterns, fabric and notions

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