Rules of Thumb When Sewing Garments

9:13 PM

There are many tips for sewing clothing. Everybody wants their project to turn out great!  Here are some Rules of Thumb I use when sewing for success:

1. Press, press, press!

  • Press your seams open as you go. This will help your garment look professional and not home-made. (Note: When quilting, don't press seams open. Press them to the side.)
  • Press collars and hems well. You want a crisp finish.

2. Be sure that all supplies and notions coincide with each other.
  • ie: If you are sewing with cotton quilt fabric, use a Universal Needle size 80/12, all purpose thread in a matching color and a lightweight interfacing (if using). Seam stitches will be at regulation length.
  • ie: If you are sewing with denim, use a Denim Needle 100/16, all purpose thread for seams, heavier contrasting thread for top-stitching and a heavier weight interfacing (like hair-canvas). Seam and top-stitching can be done at a slightly longer length than regulation stitching.

3. When looking for matching thread and it's nowhere to be found, go with thread that is a shade darker. The seam shadows will hide the fact that it's darker.

4. Don't underestimate trimming and grading. It takes away a lot of unneeded bulk.

5. Read through pattern/tutorial completely before beginning a project.

6. Use good fabric! If you're unsure about the fabric you're using (doesn't feel right/look right), then it would be better to ditch it and go with fabric you like.

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