Bias tape

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Bias tape: A long strip of fabric, cut on the bias (diagonally) to provide more stretch and flexibility.

Double Fold Bias Tape is used to bind quilts, hems, and other edges.
Single Fold Bias Tape is used for some facings, and casings as well as accent trims.

You can also make your own bias tape. Learn to make bias tape here.


make your own bias tape

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Yes, you can go to the store and get simple basic bias tape for all your bias tape needs, but you also could make your own beautiful unique tape!

step 1:     Cut 1 1/2" to 2" strips diagonally across a piece of your favorite fabric.

step 2:     Sew the ends of each strip together. Remember-- right sides together! Lay the fabric as shown in diagram. Be sure to overlap the points of the fabric. Stitch where each piece of fabric meets.

Trim points as shown.

step 3:   Open so into one continuous strip.  Press the seams open.

step 4:  Press strip in half lengthwise.

* Note: You can press in on both sides 3/8", but I prefer to keep the bias tape like this. This technique makes sewing the bias tape onto a neckline or quilt edge easier.

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