Putting fabric on grain

9:07 PM

Putting fabric on grain: Laying out and/or manipulating fabric to return to it's true form- making the warp and weft yarns lie perpendicular to each other.

This is an important step in preparing your fabric. If you do not put your fabric on grain, the yarns will relax as you wash the item, and the seams can twist, and the fit can become weird.

Steps to putting fabric on grain:

  1. Pre-shrink fabric.
  2. Lay fabric out matching the selvages.
  3. Find the weft and cut or tear along the weft threads on each side of fabric piece (you can do this by either making a snip perpendicular to the selvage and tearing, or following directions below)
  4. Line up selvages. If the corners don't match, you know the fabric is off-grain.
  5. Stretch the fabric the opposite way (so the corners will match up) and repeat step until the corners do match up.
  6. Make sure all edges are perpendicular to each other and you are ready to cut!
          note: if fabric is being stubborn, you can steam it with your iron.

Finding weft:

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