Sewing Kit (for Starters)

7:42 PM

To begin sewing, you need some tools. Here is a list of the tools you would need if you are just getting started (aside from a sewing machine and an iron). For some tool tips, click here.

For the beginner:
  • One pair of sharp shears. Get a new pair, label them and guard them how your grandma guards hers.

  • Pin cushion

  • Pins 1 3/4" or longer. I use quilting pins because they are nice and sharp, thin, long and easy to work with.

  • Hand sewing needles in various sizes (make sure they're Sharps)

  • A few safety pins

  • One flexible measuring tape

  • One seam ripper (as much as I wish we didn't have to use this, it is essential) 
  • Black and white thread
  • A few extra bobbin spools (Make sure they fit your machine specifically.)

  •  Press cloth (this is just a white piece of cotton about 18"x18")
For a printable list, click here.

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