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7:43 PM

If you're new to sewing, or you've sewn before and given up because it has become too frustrating, let me let you in on a little secret. Your tools will make a huge difference in your experience.

Think about it. What is something you do every day? Cook? Well, if you have the wrong size bowl or pan, you may find yourself spending a little extra time to make things work. Then, if you tack on dull knifes, a messy kitchen, lack of some ingredients and dingy lighting, does cooking sound fun anymore? No. If you know me, you may think this is my excuse for not liking to cook... and yes, I sincerely believe that's part of it. Of course, nausea and increased sense of smell while I'm pregnant not only doesn't make cooking fun, but unbearable.

Anyway, my suggestion to you is to set yourself up to give sewing the best chance you can. Don't feel bad if despite your best efforts, you still are not passionately in love. I can cook in a nice kitchen and like it, but I still can't honestly say I love it. Everyone has their own passions and interests.

Here are some essential things I wouldn't skip in beginning to sew:

  • Use sharp scissors that cut through fabric easily. 
  • Use long thin pins that make the process nicer. (I use quilting pins that are longer than 1 3/4")
  • Have pretty fabric on hand that makes you happy when you look at it. 
  • Do your research on which sewing machine needles work best for the type of fabric so you're not breaking your needles all the time. 
  • Have your machine tuned up so the tension is right and it sews smoothly. 
  • Do NOT use the thread in little sewing kits they sell. It is extremely weak and will not work in your machine.
  • Read a few basic instructions in the manual before you begin. This will help you get to know your machine better.
  • Make sure you have the tools for a basic beginner sewer.(for a complete sewing kit list, click here)
    You don't have to go crazy... especially if you're just starting (although, I would say that a Bosch mixer, nice knives, a ventilator, a gas stove and more storage would probably motivate me to cook more). Nice used machines can work just as well as the new ones with all the bells and whistles (AKA: crazy embroidery options). $8 scissors can cut fabric pretty much as well as $40 scissors. You get the point.

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