Continuous Bound Placket

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Continuous Bound Placket: a bound slit in a garment that allows the garment to open wider at cuff or bodice opening. Continuous Bound Plackets can be found in children's clothing and women's clothing.
To make a continuous bound placket:
1. Start with the base fabric (usually either a sleeve or gathered skirt). Mark the slit on the skirt of sleeve by drawing a line from the edge of the fabric to the dot.
 2. Starting 1/4" away from slit line on either side, sew down to the point of the placket. Pivot and sew back up to 1/4" away from the other side of the slit line. The stitches should form a narrow "V"shape.
This white example shows the detail better.
3. Carefully cut down the slit line. Make sure you don't cut through any of the stitching. (Again, the white example shows more clearly.)
4. Cut a rectangle 2 inches wide and double the length of the slit. Press one side of the length under 1/4".
5. Open the slit wide to form a long flat edge and pin to the placket piece (right side of both pieces facing up). Make sure that the stitching line (previously the stitched "V") is always 1/4" from the placket edge.
6. Stitch the pieces together, following along the outside of the "V" stitching line. Be very careful as you reach the middle area where there is no seam allowance. Stitch slowly and precisely. Sew reinforcement stitches for about 1" at the center/point area.
It helps to lift the presser foot, and move the fabric (to get the folds out of the way), lower the presser foot, hand-wheel one stitch, and repeat. The goal is to have no stitched down folds/creases at the point area.
7. Press the placket strip up from the seam. With the "V" flat, turn the placket in half over the top of the stitched edge. Pin it in place (covering the previously made stitches) and edge stitch.
Again, lift the presser foot, move the fabric, lower the presser foot, stitch a couple stitches, and repeat as you sew near the "V" point.
8. Fold the piece so the slit is closed. Stitch a 45 degree angle line at the bottom of the fold on the placket.
9. Turn the right side of the placket under and press.

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial, it's very helpful. I've referenced it in my blog!


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