Tailor's Tack

12:57 PM

A tailor's tack is a marking method made on fabric that is accurate and easily removed. This is probably the best marking method for most fabrics (although not the most efficient). You do not want to make a tailor's tack on fabric that pin marks (a permanent hole created from a pin). This type of fabric can be a very lightweight silk or a tightly woven taffeta.

You can use tailors tacks to mark darts, dots, squares, buttons, buttonholes, or anything inside the cutting line.

To make a tailor's tack:

  1. Thread a needle matching the two threads at the end. Do not tie a knot.
  2. At the place needed to be marked, pierce one side of the marking through the pattern and both layers of fabric. Come back upward through all layers on the other side. Do not pull tight. Leave about an 3/4"-1" loop
  3. Now, pierce the needle back downward through all the layers at the bottom of the marking and come back up through the top. Keep threads loose. This creates a loose X mark on the bottom layer.
  4. Snip the needle off, and carefully pull apart the fabric. It will look like this:
  5. Snip the threads in between the two layers.
  6. Now you have a nice little marking on each piece of fabric.
  7. You can pull the pattern piece off by pinching behind, and quickly, but gently tugging the pattern. You will have a small hole in the pattern.

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