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Pinning is a method used to keep layers of fabric or paper together in preparation to sew or cut.

Some tips for pinning:
  1. Always pin pins perpendicular to the intended seam- this helps the fabric lie better when cutting out and sewing. It also makes the pins easier to pull out when sewing.
  2. Always pull out pins as you go when sewing. Sometimes the needle can hit the pin and break or worse- the timing on your machine gets off. This makes for uneven stitches and a whole lot of mess.
  3. Make sure you check your fabric to see if the pins make a permanent mark before you start pinning everything. Fabrics that are light weight, delicate or are tightly woven can pin mark. You may want to see if thinner pins are more discreet on these fabrics.
  4. I suggest getting pins longer than 1 inch and as thin as you can find (fine is the word they sometimes use). I always like the glass head pins because the teeny tiny metal heads can hurt your fingertips after a while (quilting pins are my favorite).
  5. Although you may get sick of pinning all your layers together and you may decide it is a waste of time to pin so much, it is not! Pinning is a much more temporary method of making sure the fabric is placed well together and that you have everything right. Pulling out pins is easier than picking out stitches.

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